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Stefanie Saw is a digital artist based in Malaysia. 

Born and raised in a rural kampung, she has always been fascinated by art. She fell in love with colors, the rise and fall of brushes as they whisper upon the canvas, as well as books. She grew up engrossed with fantasy worlds and futuristic concepts, which eventually led to her particular style of art—conceptual digital art.


Her areas of expertise include "traditional-publishing" styled covers, epic photomanipulations, as well as dark-themed landscape art. Every piece that she creates comes from the depths of her soul; a secret within a secret, and not one is the same. Being a big fan of both the gaming and epic music industry, her passion for conceptual art will never be satiated, and she continues to seek improvement in her craft.

At the beginning of her career, she started small, working on any gig she could find. Today, she has worked with numerous Best-selling authors, publishing houses, and even music producers. In 2014, she won the Houston Writer's Guild Best Cover Award. 


Outside art, she is a graduate from the University of Malaya, holding a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Linguistics. She signed with BookEnds Literary Ltd in 2018, but quit writing to pursue art full-time. Currently, she is a three times featured, award-winning Wattpad Star with several stories published on wattpad.com, with a total cumulation of more than 2 million reads. As an avid gamer, she was a semi-professional player (Fortnite) for a small local esports team in 2019. Now, she plays Valorant and other single-player titles casually for inspiration and fun.


Optimistic with the future, she promises to deliver her very best to every client and every piece of art she produces. 

You can find her writing under the name Stefanie Suzaya here:


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