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Cover Artist


Stefanie is an Award-winning and best-selling cover design artist for publishers and independent authors.


Her areas of expertise include "traditional-publishing" styled Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Paranormal covers, epic Photomanipulations, as well as dark-themed landscape art. 

Her clients include music producers, USA Today and NYT best-selling authors. Her work has also been picked up by publishing houses such as Macmillan/Entangled, Penguin-Random House (German Imprint), and Simon & Schuster UK.


She won the Houston Writer's Guild Best Cover Award in 2014, and the Best Indie Book Cover Award in 2023.

Optimistic about the future, she promises to deliver her very best to every client and every piece of art she produces. 

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Artist and illustrator

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Florian is a freelance illustrator with 5 years of studies in visual arts, and a master 2 RAN (director in digital art) in Saint Etienne in France. 

He specializes in weapon illustrations, and he creates unique custom weapons, which are later turned into cover art by our artists. He accepts custom commissions, as well as auctions premades on Deviantart. He likes to diversify his proposals. In parallel to his work, he still continues to train in digital painting with an online art school, to increase his technical knowledge.

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3d artist

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Rozella Ling is a freelance jewellery designer hailing from vibrant Hong Kong. With a robust academic background in Metal Art and Design, she has spent the past six years immersing herself in the intricate world of design, including the realms of jewellery and industrial design.

Her design journey has equipped her with a versatile skill set, including proficiency in industry-standard software such as Adobe's suite, Rhino 3D, Rhinogold, Matrixgold, and Keyshot. This technical expertise enables her to breathe life into the creative visions, translating them into tangible, awe-inspiring pieces of art.

What truly distinguishes Rozella is her multilingual ability, fluently speaking Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and English. This linguistic versatility ensures effective communication with diverse clients, allowing her to create jewellery that deeply resonates with their desires. As a versatile professional, she brings creativity, technical proficiency, and linguistic skills to deliver exceptional design solutions.

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