Q: I'm interested in working with you. How do I reach you?

A: You can either send us a message via the contact page or send us a message through our Facebook page. We usually respond within 2-3 business days.
Q: What's your process like?

A: Usually what happens, once both parties have agreed to work together, is that we will issue a contract and empty brief. Once the contract is signed by both parties, we will go through the brief and discuss potential ideas with the client.
Q: Do you charge a booking fee?

A: Yes, we do require a booking fee upon every contract signed. The fee is 50% of the agreed sum.
Q: How long is your turnaround time?
A: 3-5 days.
Q: I understand you are booked out in advance, but I need a cover done urgently. 

A: We can squeeze you in, but there will be a rush fee of $200.00.
Q: How many edits do you allow? 

A: You are entitled to 1 major redo and 15 minor edits. We are very lenient with minor edits, but abuse of that will lead to a greater charge such as paperback/hardback dimension changes. 1 edit is fine, but any subsequent changes are $100 per edit/cover.
Q: What is the design process like?

A: We gather information about your book through the cover art brief. We will ask for a detailed synopsis, your ideas, important themes and symbols, and examples of covers you like or that convey the tone you’re looking for. Some authors have specific ideas for their covers, while others have general thoughts. Once we have all the information we need, we will develop a concept for you.
Q: Do you offer multiple design options for me to choose from?

A: No, because that would equate to two or more covers (designs). We will provide you with a draft based on your brief, and we will go from there. If the draft is greatly different from what is expected, you are entitled to one complete redo. We also offer livestreams and phone-call sessions so we can understand and deliver what you're looking for!
Q: What is your preferred payment method?

A: We only use Paypal.
Q: How far out do you book?

A: We accept bookings as far out as 2 years.
Q: Can you read my book? It will give you all the ideas you need for the cover.

A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot read your book. The lack of time and energy does not permit us to do so. This is why we have a brief for all our clients. It's up to you to provide me with the core, themes, and ideas from the book because that will be what we use to work on your cover.
Q: What is your schedule like?

A: We are currently accepting new bookings from October 2022 onwards, with limited slots left in August. All prior months are full, we cannot make an exception but with a rush fee. Our 2023 schedule is now open for bookings!
Q: What is the custom weapon add-on option?

A: If you have a specific weapon you have in mind, and you don't want to use a stock photo, we have an in-house 3D artist who can create a full one-of-a-kind illustration for you. The weapon illustration will belong uniquely to your book, and there will be no duplicate on the market.