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Q: What is your schedule like?

A: For 2024 custom cover bookings, we are only accepting bookings for the following months: July, September, October, and November. Seventhstar Art will take a break in December 2024.

2025 custom cover bookings are open with full availability.

Rush Orders will be considered. Please contact us if you require a Rush Order.

For custom object illustrations, we have full availability.

For custom 3D renders, we have full availability.
Q: I'm interested in working with you. How do I reach you?

A: You can either send us a message via the contact page or send us a message through our Facebook page. We usually respond within 2-3 business days. 
Q: Do you use AI in your covers?

A: Here at Seventhstar Art, we will never use AI generators to create our covers. We have talented artists working on the team and everything we create is entirely human-made. We also carefully research stock images to ensure they're not AI-generated.

Disclaimer: Given how advanced AI generators are getting, it's harder to tell real from fake, and some may slip even our closest scrutiny. If you notice any of the stock images we used happen to be AI-generated, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will swap it out immediately, free of charge.


Q: What's your process like?

A: Once both parties have agreed to work together, we will issue a contract and empty brief. Once the contract is signed by both parties, we will go through the brief and discuss potential ideas with the client.
Q: Do you charge a booking fee?

A: Yes, we do require a booking fee upon every contract signed. The fee is 50% of the agreed sum.
Q: What is the design process like?

A: We gather information about your book through the cover art brief. We will ask for a detailed synopsis, your ideas, important themes and symbols, and examples of covers you like or that convey the tone you’re looking for. Some authors have specific ideas for their covers, while others have general thoughts. Once we have all the information we need, we will develop a concept for you.
Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes! A 5% bundle discount is eligible for any booking of 3 or more books per contract.
Q: I understand you are booked out in advance, but I need a cover done urgently. 

A: We can squeeze you in, but there will be a rush fee of $200.00.
Q: How long is your turnaround time?

A:  5-7 business days.
Q: How many edits/revisions do you allow? 

A: You are entitled to 1 redo and 10 minor edits. Once all the revisions have been exhausted, we will switch to hourly billing of $50 per hour.

There are several scenarios that will result in extra charges: 

Scenario 1:

We've decided on a concept, chosen the model, and provided the first draft. Multiple revisions were made based on the first draft. However, you decide to change the direction mid-way and want to use another concept. Such sudden changes will result in a $200 charge for the kill fee, to reimburse us for the time spent on the first draft. We will then proceed to scrap the original design and start afresh with the new concept.

This is not considered part of the agreed redo since you were happy with the first draft, but wanted revisions and then change concepts mid-way. The redo only applies if you're unsatisfied with the first draft.

Scenario 2:

The cover has been finalized, and you have given your confirmation that there are no further changes. However, after a while, you change your mind about the color scheme or would like some elements removed/added. 

Text changes: $50.00
Element addition/removal: $100.00

Scenario 3: 

The paperback/hardback has been finalized. You've given a confirmed page count and dimensions. However, after going through further revisions, you have altered the page count and dimensions. There will be a $100.00 charge for any template revisions per POD publisher format.

Q: Do you offer multiple design options for me to choose from?

A: No, because that would equate to two or more covers (designs). We will provide you with a draft based on your brief, and we will go from there. If the draft is greatly different from what is expected, you are entitled to one complete redo. We also offer live streams and phone-call sessions so we can understand and deliver what you're looking for!
Q: What if I don't like the first design?

A: If you're unsatisfied with the first proposal, don't worry, you're entitled to one complete redo per contract. We will work together to come up with a second design.
Q: What if I still don't like the redo?

A: In the event that you don't like both the first and second drafts, we will conclude that we are not the best fit for your project. Since a lot of work has gone into the first and second proposals, the booking fee for the project will be forfeited. However, we will be more than happy to direct you to other artists that we feel might be the best fit for your vision.
Q: How far out do you book?

A: We accept bookings as far out as 2 years.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If no work has been done after signing the contract, the booking fee will be fully refunded (minus PayPal transaction fees). If you decide to cancel after seeing the first draft (no further revisions beyond the first draft), you will also be fully refunded (minus PayPal transaction fees). However, if you decide to cancel after revisions have been done on the first draft, the booking fee will be forfeited as a kill fee for the time spent working on the revisions. Should you decide to cancel, we reserve the right to keep the first draft and put it up as a premade.

Q: Can you read my book? It will give you all the ideas you need for the cover.

A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot read your book. The lack of time and energy does not permit us to do so. This is why we have a brief for all our clients. It's up to you to provide me with the core, themes, and ideas from the book because that will be what we use to work on your cover.
Q: I have something very specific in mind, and I want you to follow it. Would that be possible?

A: While we value your ideas, sometimes it might not be the best approach for the market. We will discuss whether the specific ideas will work for the cover/market. If not, we will provide alternatives to your ideas.
Q: When will I receive the full deliverables?

A: Throughout the process, we will send you low-resolution previews of the images. The final full-res covers will only be released after the design is confirmed, and the final payment has been made.

If it is a series of covers, we will release the first few full covers but hold on to the last cover. The last cover will be released after the final payment has been made.
Q:  Can I request the work files/original PSD files?

A: We are unable to release the original working files due to workmanship privacy. We will release a layered PSD upon request, which is a flattened art layer with editable text.

However, if you really require the working files, you can purchase the working files from us for $1000.00, under the condition that these files are for your own use only. Please inform if you will be using this file with a third-part user.


Q: I would like the paperback/hardback done, but I don't have a final page count yet.

A: The most important thing is that we get the ebook cover design done. You can always come back to us once you have the paperback/hardback information, and we will get it done for you. However, the final payment must still be made upon completing the ebook cover design, even when the paperback/hardback design has yet to be done.
Q: I have the ebook package now, can I upgrade it to the paperback/hardback package in the future?

A: Absolutely! Just get in touch and we will get it sorted for you. 
Q: I would like to have the paperback/hardback printed using different POD publishers.

A: Our standard paperback and hardback packages include only ONE POD publisher format. If you would like to add-on other formatting (such as KDP, IngramSpark, or Barnes and Nobles), there will be a small fee of $50 per format.
Q: I don't have the page count right now, but I still need the paperback file to upload for preorder.

A: We can create a temporary paperback design for you with an estimated page count. Once you have the final page count, just revert back to us and we will provide the final files for you. Please do note that there will be a $50 fee for the temporary paperback.
Q: The printed file looks different from the e-files.

A: There will always be a color difference between the printed and e-files. This is due to the color scheme used by print and digital mediums is different. Print files use CYMK, while digital screens mainly use sRGB. 


Q: What is your preferred payment method?

A: We only use Paypal.
Q: Do you offer payment installations?

A: Yes, just get in touch and we can arrange it.
Q: Do I own all the rights to the final cover?

A: Upon receipt of full payment, Seventhstar Art grants the client an exclusive single-user license to use the final cover design artwork. You can use the cover for any promotional purposes (not limited to audiobook production, book merch, swag, etc). 

All our stock images are purchased from licensed websites such as Shutterstock or Depositphotos. The license stock images are purchased is under the "Standard License". If you would like to use the cover in any other way, please make sure you read the Stock image website license agreement so you'll know if the usage is covered. 
A Standard License will cover you for 500,000 eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks.

If you exceed sales of 500,000 books, it becomes necessary for the client to purchase an Extended License for each major photo used in the cover design.

Please do also note that we reserve the right to display your covers on our portfolio at any given time, unless you explicitly state a release date, and would like to keep the cover under wraps until then. We will respect your requests.
Q: Can I use your cover design to make my own promotional items?

A: Absolutely!
Q: How do we credit you?

A: Crediting us is mandatory. Please include "Cover design by Seventhstar Art" in the book credentials.
Q: What is the custom item/object add-on option?

A: If you have a specific item/object you have in mind, and you don't want to use a stock photo, we have an in-house illustrator who can create a full one-of-a-kind illustration for you. Illustrations are unique with personal touches from the client, and our talented illustrator can create a wide variety of designs (i.e. animals, crests, weapons). The illustration will belong uniquely to your book, and there will be no duplicates on the market. 

Crediting is a must for custom item/object illustrations.



Q: What is the custom 3D render add-on option?

A: For this option, we provide mainly metallic renders (i.e. crowns, ornamentations, and jewelry). If you have a specific metallic 3D object you have in mind, and you don't want to use a stock photo, our in-house 3D artist can design a full one-of-a-kind metallic render for you. 3D renders are highly realistic with multiple angles to choose from. The 3D rendering will belong uniquely to your book, and there will be no duplicates on the market. 

Crediting is a must for custom 3D renders.


Q: What's the process like?

A: A brief will be sent to the client to assess the scope of the project and understand the vision of the client. From there, we will discuss the potential outlook and a draft/sketch will be provided. Once the client has confirmed the sketch, we will proceed with the final rendering.

If the illustration/3D rendering will be used in a book cover design, the illustration/3D rendering will be completed prior.
Q: Are custom illustrations/3D renderings included in the book cover packages?

A: Custom illustrations/3D renderings are considered add-ons, and are separate items. The price differs according to project complexity and the time needed to complete the project. 
Q: How many revisions are allowed?

A: After the draft has been completed, only 3 minor revisions are allowed (coloring, lighting, .etc). 
Q: Do I get full copyright for the custom illustrations/3D renderings?

A: Yes, you will get the full copyright for the custom illustrations/3D renderings. You are free to use the designs in your other works.
Q: Do I need to credit the illustrator/3D artist?

A: Yes! Crediting is mandatory. We will advise you on how to credit our illustrator and 3D artist.
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to:

Here at Seventhstar Art, we will never discriminate against any person or any group. However, we do reserve the right to deny service to any parties who have improper conduct with our team members and have a history of non-payment. Our team members are living, breathing humans, and we deserve as much respect as you do. :)
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